• 1989

    1989 was a dry year.  There was scarcely any rain during a warm and early spring; we had intermittent showers over the week between Christmas and New Year, and then following a cool and cloudy but quite dry January no further rain until well after harvest.  The total rainfall for the 1st October to 30th April growing season was just over 110mm.  Vintage was almost a month earlier than average and finished on the 31st March.

  • 1988

    Certainly not as bad as made out by media who dismissed it well before harvest.  Fruity, forward wines, with good colours and flavours.  Chardonnay and reds may surprise with their quality.  Similar to ’80-’81.

  • 1987

    Very good.  Low yields, intense colours and flavours with low pH’s.  Great cellaring wines with length and breadth of flavour.  A year where rain in February enabled fruit to ripen to full maturity without dehydrating.

  • 1986

    A year of big crops and very forward, fruity wines, with rich flavours but lacking backbone and length.  Higher pH’s, especially in Chardonnay.  Therefore, not so much wines to keep, but very good current drinking.

  • 1985

    Very good.  Great balance of rain and warmth right through growing season.  Wines of good colour, low pH musts and ample phenols.  Elegant wines of good keeping qualities.

  • 1984

    Cool spring, summer. Late budburst and harvest.  Elegant wines, lacking a little weight in chardonnays and reds but elegant sauvignon blancs.

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