A first for New Zealand

Last week, together with a group of other new members, Toby Buck joined The Vintners’ Company in London, the very first New Zealander to be invited in the 661-year history of this institution. It was made even more special that Toby was able to share the occasion with John Buck, who was visiting from New Zealand to attend.
The Vintners’ Company received its first Royal Charter in 1363 and is known as the Spiritual Home of the International Wine Trade. With its origins steeped in the history of the City of London and the import, regulation and sale of wine, the Company maintains strong links with the wine industry. The Vintners’ Company boasts a rich tapestry of historical connections with the wine trade, spanning centuries as one of London’s oldest and most influential livery companies. Its origins as a guild dedicated to regulating wine quality and trade in medieval times have evolved into a contemporary institution that continues to uphold and celebrate the traditions of the wine industry. Its current trade, social, charitable and educational interests, means the Company continues to play an important role in the 21st century. The Company’s principal charitable vehicle is the Vintners’ Foundation, which provides assistance to charities concerned with the relief of the poor, destitute and homeless in Greater London.


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