Te Mata Estate was proud to serve our wines at an exclusive dinner for former US President Barack Obama. Te Mata’s CEO Nick Buck attended the event, where Bullnose Syrah and Elston Chardonnay were poured. The wines were among a small group chosen for the event, selected to promote New Zealand’s finest – run by event co-organisers Air New Zealand.

“It’s a great endorsement for New Zealand wine as a whole but Hawke’s Bay in particular, and the wonderful wines we grow in this region. When people select the very best of New Zealand wine, so often they end up coming to Hawke’s Bay. I think he’s come to represent an America that was very outward looking and inclusive, and extremely diplomatic in its world standing. He did tremendous thing for global trade, global peace and prosperity.”

The dinner’s MC is poet laureate Selina Tusitala Marsh, an award Te Mata Estate established in 1997.

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