Shipping Details

New Zealand Delivery

(a) Products will be delivered by courier to the customer or the delivery address specified by the customer. Te Mata Estate Winery may, in its absolute discretion, refuse to deliver a products to a customer’s address or a delivery address specified by a customer.

(b) If Te Mata Estate Winery is unable to deliver a products to the customer’s address or the delivery address by courier the customer agrees that Te Mata Estate Winery may arrange for the products to be delivered to a recognised freight collection or by an alternative agent such as rural post. In such a case the delivery may be delayed.

(c) Te Mata Estate Winery shall take all reasonable steps to make NZ deliveries within 5 working days. However the customer acknowledges that Te Mata Estate Winery’s ability to deliver is dependent upon the delivery address.

(d) Delivery is deemed to have taken place once the product has been left at the delivery address. Instructions to leave wine unattended at the point of delivery is done so at the customer’s risk. Te Mata Estate Winery accepts no liability for the theft, spoiling or any other damage caused to the product when it is left at an unattended delivery address

(e) Te Mata Estate Winery is not liable for failure to deliver within a reasonable time where that failure has been due to causes beyond the control of Te Mata Estate Winery.

International Delivery

We send our wine direct to many countries.

For delivery to: Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, UK and USA (excluding Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont and Michigan)

buy Te Mata wine here.

For delivery to: Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, South Dakato and Switzerland,

email [email protected] with the Te Mata wines and quantity required, and we’ll send you a quote.


Both title and risk in the products shall pass to the customer once the products is dispatched from Te Mata Estate Winery.

Guarantee of Quality

(a) Te Mata Estate Winery guarantee the products will be delivered within New Zealand in top quality and condition. Te Mata Estate Winery will endeavour to guarantee that International delivery is also made in top quality and condition. Where the customer is able to satisfy Te Mata Estate Winery that the delivered products was not in top quality or condition at the time of delivery Te Mata Estate Winery agrees to replace the products and/or refund the purchase price (subject to 14.(b) below).

(b) Where the customer is unsatisfied with the quality of the products and require a replacement or refund, the customer must notify Te Mata Estate Winery as promptly as is practicable.

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