• Vintage 2008

    2008 was an early, warm and dry growing season and our fifth consecutive high quality vintage. Two frosts in October caused problems on the Heretaunga Plains, but our Woodthorpe and Havelock Hills vineyards were unscathed. The Bullnose and Isosceles vineyard were touched in places by the frost, but our vineyard crew removed all frosted shoots which ensures that the remaining crop ripens normally and evenly.

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  • Vintage 2007

    Good sized crops ripened to perfection in almost every case, so 2007 is one of those rare vintages of good quantity and high quality. After a wet winter, spring was settled, warm and dry. November was also dry and one of the warmest on record, leading to a rapid flowering and excellent fruit set giving full bunches. December was cooler than average but, again, without much rain, so that more arid blocks required irrigation by late in the month.

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  • Vintage 2006

    2006 was a third very high quality vintage in a row for Te Mata Estate, following the excellent pattern established with 2004 and 2005. Bud burst was about a week early, following a dry end to winter 2005 and warm spring conditions. As we went into December, the soils were retaining good spring moisture and this, with the warm weather, lead to even and healthy shoot growth.

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  • Vintage 2005

    2005 has been a vintage of the highest quality, where the mid-summer weather provided ideal conditions. The wines have now all finished fermentation and are currently undergoing maturation. Of particular note are the late ripening Bordeaux varieties, the flavours of which appear to have responded wonderfully to the January heat. At this early stage, these wines look as good as any vintage we can recall, including ’98 or ‘00.

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  • Vintage 2004

    Winter 2003 finished very wet with about half our annual rainfall occurring in August and September. The timing of bud burst was normal however, and a warm spring ensured a very good and even flowering. Conditions through to December were mild and very dry with no rain in spring and early summer until we had an inch or so around Christmas. December and January were hot with the thermometer above 30 degrees Celsius on many occasions and typically above 25 degrees Celsius.

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  • Vintage 2003

    2003 produced small crops in New Zealand due to a cool, frosty spring. Hawkes Bay had its share of this weather although Te Mata was fortunate enough to escape largely unscathed. With the exception of low crops for Chardonnay and Merlot our growing season was quite normal in every respect. Summer was dry, with only 35mm of rain recorded at Havelock North between 20 December – 25 February.

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