• Vintage 2011

    It has been a real roller coaster ride to coin a phrase but we have smiles on our faces. After being spoiled for settled, warm, dry, vintage conditions for most of the last 10 years we finally got some weather in 2011. November was very dry with only 20 mm of rain and December below
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  • Vintage 2010

    The 2010 season began very early. The hottest August on record was followed by a warm and dry September making budburst two weeks early, amidst thoughts of a “global warming” vintage.  However, October turned out to be the coldest on record and, with greater than usual rainfall, led to a slowing down of vine growth
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  • Vintage 2009

    2009 was the hottest growing season for the last ten years with the second lowest rainfall ever recorded since 1980, giving a superb vintage. Mild spring weather lead to budburst occurring 10 days earlier than usual.  The rest of September continued mild and dry, with some days reaching 25 degrees. The warm to hot conditions carried on through
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  • Vintage 2008

    2008 was an early, warm and dry growing season and our fifth consecutive high quality vintage. Two frosts in October caused problems on the Heretaunga Plains, but our Woodthorpe and Havelock Hills vineyards were unscathed. The Bullnose and Isosceles vineyard were touched in places by the frost, but our vineyard crew removed all frosted shoots which
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  • Vintage 2007

    Good sized crops ripened to perfection in almost every case, so 2007 is one of those rare vintages of good quantity and high quality. After a wet winter, spring was settled, warm and dry. November was also dry and one of the warmest on record, leading to a rapid flowering and excellent fruit set giving
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  • Vintage 2006

    2006 was a third very high quality vintage in a row for Te Mata Estate, following the excellent pattern established with 2004 and 2005. Bud burst was about a week early, following a dry end to winter 2005 and warm spring conditions. As we went into December, the soils were retaining good spring moisture and
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