2019 was a warm, dry, easy grape-growing season that has produced some of our most exciting results yet.

Budbreak, flowering and veraison (colour change) were all early. December was warm, and January very warm, with 10 days around or just over 30 degrees.

Good early soil moisture and warm temperatures created big grape canopies and great ripeness. Warm nights lead to very few dews or fogs, contributing to the luxury of this fairly relaxed harvest. Dry, settled weather enabled all blocks of grapes to be picked at ideal ripeness in a far more leisurely fashion than usual.

Sauvignon blanc and chardonnay were picked between 14 and 22 March, well ripened and in superb condition. The young wines exhibit ripe stone fruit and citrus aromas and flavours and impressive palate weight.

Soils continued to dry giving the vital stress conditions necessary to maximise colour, flavour and tannin concentration in the reds. These were picked almost every day from the 25 March until finishing on the 14 April. They already show excellent flavour, great colour and tannin.

2019 is a very good vintage. We’re excited to get these out. Time will tell, but this could be one of our best.

Download our full technical report from winemaker Peter Cowley here

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