‘New Zealand’s First Growth. Many critics consider Coleraine up there with the best Bordeaux blends in the world. The original intention may have been to mirror the top Cru Classé but, today, Coleraine has evolved its own style.’

‘This highly collectible red is snapped up every year it is released.’

Bob Campbell MW, Kia Ora Magazine, June 2018

‘Te Mata Estate Coleraine has won well-deserved iconic status for a string of elegant and complex wines that first appeared in 1982, blazing a trail for others to follow.’

Bob Campbell MW, The Real Review, June 2018

TOP 50 WINES OF THE WORLD 2016: ‘Bullnose ’14 – This is an absolute beauty!’ 96 Points

James Suckling, December 2016, jamessuckling.com

‘If there was Kiwi wine aristocracy, Te Mata would be it. Nestled in the foothills of the Te Mata heritage zone, they make some of the best wines in the country. Independent, family-owned, exclusively Hawke’s Bay, and committed to making premium wine on site.’

Cuisine Wine, 2017

‘New Zealand’s Grange equivalent, only Coleraine comes from one place, is much cheaper, and to my tastes, is significantly better and more interesting.’ 96+ Points

Gary Walsh. The Wine Front, Australia. March 2017

‘The legendary cabernet sauvignon and merlot blend of NZ. New Zealand’s Sassicaia.’

James Suckling, jamessuckling.com, USA 2012

‘My benchmark. I’ve had every vintage of Coleraine the Buck family have made, from the inaugural 1982 to the current 2015. Te Mata Estate is the standard by which every other wine producer could be judged. The full range of styles has always been impeccable.’

Raymond Chan Wine Reviews ‘ Setting the Standard’, June 2017

TOP 50 WINES OF THE WORLD: ‘Coleraine ’15 – Aromas of sweet pipe tobacco, rich blueberry and mulberry fruits, spicy allure and stoney nuances. Plays a very supple and smooth textural game with impressive richness of dark cherry and berry flavour leading into a bright, lively and upbeat finish with tinges of cocoa powder.’ 96 points

James Suckling, jamessuckling.com, November 2017

‘A wine that is every bit New Zealand’s ‘First Growth’, with a history that dates all the way back to 1896 and a reputation for unwavering consistency.’

Australian Wine Reviews, ANDREW GRAHAM, August 2018

Wine writer André Simon in 1964 on tasting a 1912 Te Mata Estate red blend half a century after it was first bottled … ‘This really is quite good. No sign of decay. One would not have thought it would have kept this long. Remarkable, quite remarkable.’

‘New Zealand Wines and the Question of Age’ Rebecca Gibb, Meininger’s Wine Business International, September 2018

‘Arguably New Zealand’s most prestigious wine. No one dreamed such a wine could be made from New Zealand grapes. Dramatically raising the bar for red wine in New Zealand.’

Coleraine ’16 Review Summary, Bob Campbell Decanter Magazine, October 2018

‘A great wine from the very first vintage. Consistently great.’

Huon Hooke, The Real Review October 2018

‘A national treasure. A benchmark, with a remarkable track record for age-worthiness. Consistently high quality and style have been hallmarks since day one.’

Linda Murphy, jancisrobinson.com. October 2018|

★★★★★ 93 Points ‘Beautifully ripe and perfumed on the nose, showing cherry, plum, violet and subtle spice aromas with touches of almond and olive. The palate delivers lovely weight and roundness, offering pristine fruit flavours together with fine texture and polished tannins. Wonderfully poised and refined with a lengthy silky finish.’

Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, June 2019

Alma ’18 – ‘Estate-grown inland, at the cool, elevated Woodthorpe Terraces vineyard, in the Dartmoor Valley, and matured in French oak barriques (over 50% new), it is deeply coloured, mouthfilling, rich and supple, with densely packed cherry, plum and spice flavours. A powerful, structured, youthful red, it’s well worth cellaring to 2022+.’ ★★★★★

Michael Cooper, 2019

Alma’18 – ‘Revealing elegance and sophistication, the engaging bouquet shows Black Doris plum, dark cherry, warm spice and toasted nut characters with nuances of truffle and floral. The palate displays outstanding concentration and focus, while offering rich texture and expansive mouthfeel, superbly framed by loads of fine, polished tannins. Multi-layered and magnificently flowing to an impressively long silky finish. The wine is gloriously composed and expressed, promising to evolve gracefully. The wine exhibits classic Te Mata elegance, freshness and refinement within a perfectly formed structure.’ 96 Points ★★★★★

Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, 2019

‘The Buck family of the Te Mata estate produce the best New Zealand wine I have come across … could have passed muster as a classed-growth claret.’

Bruce Anderson, The Spectator, May 2020

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